El Paso has a pretty scary cemetery, but wait until you see these most haunted cemeteries in America!

If you want to get some more fright tonight I'd say head out to Concordia cemetery and see what you can catch a glimpse of. Even the L&J Cafe across the street says they receive some ghostly visitors from the cemetery. And ever since a man committed suicide by jumping off the bridge there has been a heighten in activity. Apparitions, strange screams and childrens laughter have been claimed to have been seen and heard coming from the cemetery. I am sure you will catch some sort of ghostly action this Halloween night! This video contains America's most haunted cemeteries to get you in a spook-tacular mood to head out and get scared! Beware, you may be in for quite a scare, so I'd say get those camera phones out and try to capture something on film!

Make sure you head out to The Haunted House - Maze of Maddness tonight for Halloween!