AMANDA BYNES - HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: It looks like AMANDA BYNES will be out of rehab and home in time for Christmas. TMZ reports her doctors believe the meds and counseling have helped her enough that she can leave the Malibu rehab center she's been staying at since September. The site says doctors are actually worried that prolonging her stay could make things worse, because she's going a little stir crazy (no pun intended). So she'll be released to her mother in December and will go to her family home, where she can be supervised.

CHARLIE SHEENANIGANS - JUDGE DENIES BROOKE RESTRAINING ORDER: BROOKE MUELLER was unable to get a court to force her ex CHARLIE SHEEN to stay away from her. Brooke asked for a temporary restraining order after Charlie called into TMZ Friday telling the site his four-and-a-half-year-old twins Bob and Max have suffered physical and emotional damage while in the care of their drug-addicted mother.


Meanwhile, despite Charlie’s claims ... Brooke insists she is staying sober and is not a danger to the kids. TMZ reports Mueller believes Sheen is on a mission to sabotage her sobriety, and that she's afraid he'll go so far as to plant drugs on her to regain custody of the kids.(They're currently living with Charlie's other ex, DENISE RICHARDS, per Charlie's request).

SNAPSHOTS: Would you like to see pictures of the 'N SYNC guys in their Men's Warehouse tuxedos at CHRIS KIRKPATRICK'S wedding? We know they're Men's Warehouse tuxes because several days before the wedding, LANCE BASS revealed that Chris went Men's Warehouse and  "got us the cheapest tuxes there he could possibly get, which I think is so Chris and very lovely. I mean that's just who he is."

Kirkpatrick married his longtime girlfriend Karly Skladany in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday. JC CHASEZ, JOEY FATONE, Bass, and yes, even JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE were his groomsmen. JESSICA BIEL was also in attendance. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

BABY POOP - DREW BARRYMORE PREGNANT: DREW BARRYMORE is pregnant with her second child. Her rep confirmed the 38-year-old was with child after Drew was spotted out in Hollywood Sunday with a visible baby bump. Daughter Olive is 13 months old. (PHOTO)

IN DENIAL - JENNIFER LOPEZ: Some British plastic surgeon decided to pick a fight with JENNIFER LOPEZ on Twitter calling into question her natural beauty. The doctor posted "before and after" photos of J.LO with the caption ...

UPDATE - JOSH BROLIN 'COMPLETELY DONE' DRINKING: After making a drunken fool of himself at a bar the other night JOSH BROLIN has seen the light and he's "completely done" with drinking. A paparazzo rolled up on Brolin yesterday and asked him if had any plans on laying off the booze. Brolin replied that he was never drinking alcohol again because he never wants what happened over the weekend to happen again. (Josh got in a fight with a bar bouncer a couple of hours after he rear-ended a cab in the drive-thru at Del Taco.)

WATCH KERRY WASHINGTON SING: The Saturday Night Live spoof of the viral sensation “The Fox" featuring "Scandal" star KERRY WASHINGTON has gone viral itself. Washington plays a jealous girlfriend in the humorous spoof, "What Does My Girl Say?"

'DANCING' UPDATE – ‘PRETTY LITTLE LIAR’ ELIMINATED: "Dancing With the Stars" kicked off another celebrity last night. This time “Pretty Little Liars” BRANT DAUGHERTY went home. Like last week when SNOOKI was sent packing, Daugherty did not have the lowest score of the night, but apparently lacked the viewer votes.