It's the catchiest pop song currently on the radio, but also the most controversial. While many find Meghan Trainor's “All About That Bass” love-your-curves anthem empowering, some women find it insulting. Such is the case with one of our 17 listeners, who writes ...

When did being fat become something to glorify? Yes, people should love themselves, but allowing yourself to be over-weight or obese is not something to be proud of and certainly not a message young girls should be receiving.

And what’s with her demeaning and and making fun of skinny girls? Just because a girl is a “stick-figure Barbie’” it makes her a “skinny b*tch”? Being skinny doesn’t automatically make you a b*tch, just as being fat doesn’t automatically mean you’re lazy.

Did the singer not even consider that many girls are naturally skinny? The whole fat acceptance thing is bad enough, but skinny shaming? I’m sorry but if your message to young girls devalues other young girls based on their physical appearance then you’re not helping any of us.

What do you think, body positive for big girls or just body shaming skinny girls? Watch the video above, read the song lyrics HERE, then let us know what you think in the comment section below. You can read what our Facebook friends are saying HERE and HERE.