It’s usually the person behind the bar that has a huge impact on how you choose your favorite local watering hole.  Here’s a couple of bartenders worth getting to know....

Visit Shawna and Diane at Tanya’s Gridiron.  Just remember to be responsible when you go out and call a cab if you don’t have a designated driver.





Shawna’s Favorite Drink - Sexy Alligator (melon coconut rum & sweet and sour with raspberry on the bottom and jager on top)

Photo by Alex Chavez

Diane’s Favorite Drink - Brain Hemorrhage (peach schnapps, irish cream & grenadine)

Photo by Alex Chavez


Shawna (left) and Diane (right) - Photo by Alex Chavez


Who: Shawna (Day shift - everyday except Sunday/Thursday 7pm to 2am) and Diane (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 7pm to 2am)

Where: Tanya’s Gridiron - 4620 Dyer - 79930

Weirdest thing somebody has tried to sell patrons at the bar: Used combs/hair picks and egg rolls.

Coming up: 80s Party - Friday, June 7th - Come dressed up and take advantage of drink specials.