Heading out to Albuquerque this week? Maybe you're out there already for the holiday, if so, you may want to jump on this deal.

This Tuesday, June 30th, the Albuquerque zoo and aquarium will be FREE! Yep, you read that right, since the zoo and the aquarium had such a great year, they're paying it forward and letting families, friends, tourists, parents, kids, anyone who comes in for FREE.

Since last July, 1.2 million people have visited the biopark, which put them at their best year ever. They are extremely grateful and would love to have you and your family as their free guest.

The free day comes just in time for the zoo's new gator swamp and some baby additions to the biopark like a jaguar, twin chimpanzees, a siamang, a hippo, and two new yellow stingrays. Also, thanks to the recent rains in the area, the High Desert Rose Garden is in full bloom. You don't want to miss all this for free if you're in the area.