"It was just a prank."

That's what Joshua Benavidez and his wife, Irene Enriquez, said after they were arrested for setting a homeless man on fire on July 11. The couple's distinctive SUV was seen rolling up to a curb where a homeless man was sleeping and then pulling away with flames visible on the sidewalk. The fire severely burned a homeless man who was sleeping on the sidewalk. He is still in the hospital recovering from his wounds.

The worst part about this stupid act is Benavidez and Enriquez had kids in the vehicle at the time of the attack. Thankfully, neighbors called police when the video of the incident was released, and one of the children who was in the SUV told his babysitter about the attack.

Benavidez and Enriquez are looking at aggravated battery and three counts of child abuse. Words can't even express how disgusting these two people are.