EP-CON was this weekend and the characters came out to play. From adorable kids dressed like Two-Face to big, bad Batmans, fans were roaming the floor as their favorite characters. All comics have great battles, so we are setting one up right here. Check out the pictures and vote for who you think wore it better.


Twice the face equals twice the cuteness! These villains won't decided on luck to see who wins, it's up to you.




Rogue is part of X-men and as you can see we have her from baby to lady. Baby Rogue actually won the kid contest at EP-Con. Will she do it again?



How can you not smile looking at these faces? Batman may hate both of these Jokers but which do you prefer?


Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN! Come on you were singing it with me...


Catwoman was everywhere at EP-CON, so we couldn't pick just two. We love all of them!