Before seeing the video of the little hamster eating a tiny burrito, I never thought of how cute animals could be eating small food. Now, seeing this video of a hedgehog eating cake, I have a new obsession.

Youtube User HelloDenizen

The same guys who brought us the hamsters eating tiny burrito videos have now brought to us the joys of little hedgehogs. This video shows a baker making a tiny birthday cake for one lucky hedgehog that his friends even get to partake in. Although I don't think the hedgehog was able to blow out his own candles. All the animal seemed to really enjoy their tiny treats, although they really didn't seem to care about the decorations we all know took a lot of time for the video maker to put up. At least we can appreciate them. If you are thinking right now, "Why would you throw a birthday party for a hedgehog," the real question is why not?!