After a little girl's jealously gets the best of her, an adorable young boy teaches her a life lesson.

Jealously can get the best of anyone. I wish I could have learned at a young age about how unattractive jealously can be. I am still labeled as crazy girl but I've learned to embrace the madness.

I can see this little girl as a mini-me as she pulls away another girl from the little boy, who is showing off his sweet dance moves. Even though the little boy is having the time of his life, he doesn't give the jealous little girl the attention she is demanding.

She attempts to get him to dance with her but he just gives her a scolding stance and turns away. He continues to dance like no one is watching while the little girl begins to cry. Hopefully, she will remember this incident when she is old and if not, it will forever be on YouTube to remind her.