Adele took the Grammys stage to sing the 25 track "All I Ask," but her performance was partially marred by technical difficulties.

After a brief introduction from co-writer Bruno Mars, Adele began, accompanied only by piano -- or so we thought. A persistent twang was soon noticeable, nearly louder than Adele's vocals, which also cut in and out throughout the performance. It's baffling, that the Grammys -- arguably music's biggest night -- could drop the ball so hard, sound-wise, on someone who is pretty much the music industry's most popular (aka best-selling) current-day artist.

Ever the consummate professional, however, Adele recovered, pushing through the sound issues with her soaring vocals. Later in the evening, Adele took to Twitter and explained the sound issues:

But, hey, all's well that ends well:

Check out Adele’s performance of “All I Ask” HERE.