Last night (March 22), Adele aimed to ensure explosions and shattered glass weren't the only sounds associated with a terrorist attack in Brussels that left more than 30 civilians dead and close to 300 wounded.

In a beautiful moment captured by a fan perched in sky-high seating at London's O2 Arena, Adele stands in solidarity with the Belgium city. The singer acknowledges the residents suffering in the clip and asks fans to sing along with her through "Make You Feel My Love," which she first recorded as a cover for her 2008 debut album 19.

"This is for Brussels," she says. "I want you to all sing it with me, all right? So they hear us."

Adrift in a sea of cellphone-generated lights, Adele croons through the Bob Dylan classic with a piano accompaniment, and while the crowd stays mostly silent, their applause at the end makes their solidarity clear.

"I don't think I've ever actually been so moved before in my life at one of my shows, that was just so beautiful," Adele says. "Thank you very much for doing that, I really appreciate it. It's such a beautiful song. I think they heard us."