Congrats to Adele! Not only is one of the best-selling artists of a generation and a soon-to-be mom (or "mum," as she would say), but she's also a cover girl. The 'Someone Like You' singer nabbed the cover of Rolling Stone's 'Women Who Rock 2012' issue -- and no one deserves it more!

Some excerpts of Adele's feature hit the Web as well. It touches upon some similar topics as we've heard before, including her hatred and avoidance of gossip. "My friends all read gossip s---, and they're like, 'I heard you you're going now with blah blah,' and I haven't even met these people," the singer griped. "It's bulls---."

Adele also touched upon how writing was crucial to her sanity following her big breakup, while still not revealing any hint of who actually inspired the album '21.' "We broke up mutually, and I was desperate to write about it 'cause I can't talk about my feelings to anyone," she revealed. "To my mom, to my therapist, to friends, to myself in the mirror -- I can't really do it. I've always written down how I feel."

Watch the Adele 'Rolling in the Deep' Video