We eat at West Side Cafe on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth quite a lot and last month sometime we took our new baby, Glory in....

Posted by Debbie Davis Riddle on Thursday, June 4, 2015

courtesy: CBS Dallas Fort Worth

A couple whose child died of unknown causes went to eat at a restaurant they go to frequently. When the server asked how their baby was, the couple told her their tragic news. The server felt so badly for them that she paid for their meal out of her own pocket. The couple was so touched that they posted the ticket online, and the image has gone viral.

When we're confronted with people who are grieving, we so often don't know what to say. 'I'm so sorry for your loss' seems like such a small thing to say, but along with the simple gesture of paying for a meal, it was the perfect sentiment. How sweet that server was to do something so kind for two people who didn't expect such a gesture.

This is baby Glory and her dad, Shaun Riddle. Our deepest condolences go out to the Riddle family.

courtesy: Shaun Riddle via Facebook