"What's the perfect song for a divorce that has no meaning?"  That's the first line of an e-mail a listener sent to me today and I'd like to help that person find an appropriate song.  Help me help a fellow listener out.

I've never been divorced (or married for that matter) so while my heart goes out to a listener who's going through a tough time, I'd be lying if I were to say that I know what that person is going through.  I'm going to copy the e-mail that was sent to me, minus any personal information, and I'm asking for any suggestions our KISS listeners may have.  If a song might help bring this person a little bit of understanding, I figure its worth a shot.

Please keep in mind that I'm ONLY asking for song suggestions that fit this person's situation.  PLEASE be kind and refrain from name calling or any other bullying behavior.  Let's try and put ourselves in this person's shoes and give this listener the respect we would like to receive when going through a tough situation.  Here's the e-mail.....

"Good Afternoon,

What's the perfect song for a divorce that has no meaning? Here's my story without getting into too much detail. (Significant other) is working, i was unemployed but couldn't find work. After hitting the pavement daily and placing applications online I have landed two jobs and have an interview for a third this coming week. I have sacrificed and bent backwards for this (person). So now theres a divorce after the fact. Stupid right?
So, what's the perfect 80s song or any genre that you can think of that would fit this description?"