Two young boys stumbled on an elderly man in the Juárez desert. When the police officer they found got to the scene, he did something amazing, and now he is being called a hero for his actions.

The boys found the man Tuesday morning near a landfill off the Panamerican highway. They found some Juarez police officers who had to walk to the man because their vehicles couldn't navigate the rough terrain. They found the 76 year old man, dehydrated, and in critical condition. Because the vehicles couldn't make it to the site where the man was found, one of the officers immediately picked up the man, and carried him on his back for two miles. The Red Cross had an ambulance waiting, and the elderly man can be seen being attended to in the video.

29 year old Officer Emilio De Alba Fernandez has been with the Juárez police department for 10 years, and his actions surely saved the unidentified man's life. It isn't known why the man was in the desert, but police say they don't believe there was any foul play.