As Heard on Mike and Tricia Mornings - Should Parents Let Their Teenagers Have Sex at Home?: "Good Morning America" did a segment recently that's still creating some controversy. Basically, they interviewed parents who let their teenagers have sex at home.

The argument of the parents who are for letting their kids have sex at home goes something like this: since kids are going to have sex anyway, letting them do it at home reassures them they're not having risky, unsafe, alcohol-and-drug-fueled sex.

Here's the report:

OK, WE’RE AXING: Do you share that point of view or does the idea of your teen getting busy in the next room make you uncomfortable no matter how safe and responsible it may be? What are your thoughts? How have you handled it? We won't judge your parenting skills one way or the other. (And please no one else either.)

Before you hit us up with your comment, think about where you did it when you were a teenager, who you did it with, and why. Is it something or someplace you want your kid(s) to go through?