Christmas came early Tuesday morning when a bus driver saved a 5 year old boy who was wandering around Mesa barefoot and in pajamas. Michael Christmas is a hero, but he says, he was just doing what anyone would have done.


Christmas was driving his regular Sun Metro route around 5:30 Tuesday morning when he looked up and saw a little boy walking on Mesa. Christmas said he thought, that's not right, and pulled his bus over. It was 5 in the morning, and temperatures were below freezing. The boy was wearing only pajamas but no shoes, and said he was looking for his mom who was at work. When El Paso Police officers questioned the little boy, Christmas said he struggled with giving the correct information about things like where he lived and even his first name.

Christmas said his heart broke for the little boy because he has grandchildren the little boy's age. He said Mesa Hills is a terrible street early in the morning, and the little boy could have gotten hit by a car, or somebody could have snatched him.

The District Attorney's office said the case is now being handled by Child Protective Services.  The little boy was turned over to his father.  No word on if his mother will face charges in the incident.