65 tackles, 1,911 yards rushing, and 35 touchdowns. Sorry cowboy fans this isn't one of your players. Nine-year-old Samantha Gordon has become a YouTube sensation and has impressed football fans around the world. Gordon caught my attention as I was watching this morning's Sunday NFL Countdown.They highlighted her during one of the segments so I had to look her up!

She is a beast on the field, making little boys fall down and cry for their mommies. Gordon is the star of her Salt Lake City pee wee team and once you see her highlight reel, you will understand why.

I was only able to play flag football during our Senior vs. Junior game but how I wish I could have been like this amazing little girl! I would love to see her dominate the field throughout middle school and high school but the horror of puberty hits. Hopefully, she can go on to play and take on guys bigger than her but for now enjoy a girl killing it in a man's sport.