Here are 8 famous faces who were born, raised, or spent part of their youth in our little corner of the Chihuahuan Desert. Some of these you probably already knew about, others will surprise you.

 *Note: This list is not all-encompassing and is not meant to be a complete, or definitive list of famous El Pasoans.

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    Stevie Nicks

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    Aarón Sánchez

    One of the country's leading Latin chefs and the host of multiple Food Network shows, Sanchez was born in El Paso in 1976. He lived here until the family moved to New York in 1984. Sanchez, whose brother Adolfo lives here, still visits El Paso occasionally.

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    Alana De La Garza

    De La Garza moved to El Paso with her family when she was around 9 years old and graduated as a T-Bird in 1994. In an interview with the El Paso Times in 2015, the former Law and Order and CSI: Miami actress said of El Paso, "It will always be my hometown. There's the sun, the mountains, the great weather, and, of course, two singles and a big Coke at Chico's Tacos."

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    Alan Tudyk

    Best known for his role as the smart-aleck pilot Wash on the sci-fi cult classic Firefly, Tudyk (pronounced "too-dick") was born in El Paso on March 16, 1971, but did not grow up here. Not long after his birth, his family moved to Plano, Texas where he spend his childhood and high school years.

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    Thomas Haden Church

    Oscar winner for his supporting role in the movie "Sideways," and Sandman in "Spiderman 3,"  Church called El Paso home for a couple of years in the early to mid ‘70s

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    F. Murray Abraham

    Abraham, who won a Best Actor Oscar in 1984 for his role in “Amadeus,” was born in Pennsylvania but raised in El Paso. He graduated from El Paso High School in 1958 and attended Texas Western College (now UTEP).

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    Vikki Carr

    One of the best loved and most accomplished entertainers in the world, Vikki was raised in Southern California but was born Florencia Bisenta de Casillas Martinez Cardona in El Paso

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    Debbie Reynolds

    Born in El Paso in 1932, the '50s Hollywood star lived here until her family moved to Burbank, California in 1939

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