Living in Las Cruces my whole life and moving on up to the bigger city of El Paso I realized just how many restaurants in El Paso there are that should be in Las Cruces. Here are 7 I think should be in Las Cruces.

1.) Chico's Tacos 

Hands down, this is number one on the list because us Las Crucens drive a full hour to come get the delicious tomato juice soaked tacos. We NEED a Chico's, if you know how to make this possible please consider it!

2.) Krispy Kreme

I know, try to breathe. We don't have a Krispy Kreme in Las Cruces. We don't know the delicious warmth of a fresh donut right off the conveyer belt. What a shame.

3.) Twin Peaks

Sure Hooters is good and comes close to Twin Peaks but nothing comes close to those tall ice cold mugs of a refreshing beer. The food is pretty good too.

4.) La Madeleine's

I had never been a fan of French cuisine until I tasted the gloriousness that comes out of this place. I would move next door for their homemade French onion soup alone. Please come to Las Cruces!

5.) Taco Cabana

Ever been out late and have a hankering for some Taco Cabana then you realize you live in Las Cruces? Yeah, pretty much all of Las Cruces has experienced this. Taco Cabana, we need you.

6.) Fuddruckers 

Who doesn't love and need a burger bar? Heck I don't know but I can tell you that Las Cruces does not have one. Blasphemy.

7.) Popeyes

Four rice and beans. We need you in our lives!