New Mexico is an interesting place enriched with so much history and heritage, but I bet you didn't know some of these facts about New Mexico.

1.) Dancing while wearing your sombrero is illegal in the great state of New Mexico. 

I guess New Mexicans didn't want any dancing accidents.

2.) New Mexico has more Ph.Ds per capita than any other state in the US. 

This is explained by the number of government based research facilities in the state.

3.) Pluto was discovered by a New Mexican. 

Clyde Tombaugh was the one who found the planet that is now a dwarf planet. There is now a school named after him in Las Cruces.

4.) The World Shovel Race Championship is held every year in Angel Fire, NM. 

Contestants literally go down a snow covered hill while riding a shovel.

5.) About 400 words were removed from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet by New Mexico Officials.

The reasoning behind this is that it was too sexual in nature for New Mexico schools.

6.) Santa Fe beats The Mile High City by a long shot. 

Contrary to popular belief, Denver dubbed the mile high city, is still 7,000 feet below Santa Fe. Making it the highest above sea level in the region.

7.) The beautiful Hilton hotels are all over the world and the founder was born in New Mexico. 

Conrad HIlton, the founder of the Hilton hotel chain was born in San Antonio, NM.

Next time you're in New Mexico, think of all the interesting facts you didn't know and appreciate all the history.