Real men told Glamour magazine what they believed made a woman instantly more attractive to them. Some of their answers might surprise you.

Some men may enjoy blue eyes, other might find a woman with an ample bottom the best, but what qualities does a woman posses that make her more attractive to a man? Glamour magazine polled some guys and they told them exactly what they believe make a woman instantly more attractive to them.

  • 1

    Being Passionate About Your Job

    It doesn't matter if you work for an animal shelter, or Fortune 500 company, begin passionate about what you do makes you more attractive to men. And when you're good at your job, it's even sexier.

  • 2

    Being Family-Oriented

    Men find women who are family-oriented extremely attractive. That means you'll be interested in his family as well!

  • 3

    When Women Cuss

    This one can be hard to understand, but when a woman can drop an F bomb, guys can see it as a turn on. Kind of like she's letting the bad girl come out, just for a moment.

  • 4

    Being Independent And Having Your Own Life

    When a women doesn't need to be around her man 24/7, it can be a definite turn on. You have your own life, your own friends and he gets the privilege to spend time with you. You're desirable in his eyes and that makes you more attractive.

  • 5

    Being A "Smiley" Person

    Women who smile a lot are thought of as being generally happy people, and who doesn't like to surround themselves with happy people? Your sunny demeanor makes men feel happy, and thats attractive to them.

  • 6

    Being A Funny Person

    When a woman can hold her own when joking and laughing with a man, she shows him she's confident and has a sense of humor. Men find women with a sense of humor very attractive, and want to carry on a banter with that woman for more dates to come.