نسخة من بروس لي :) copies of Bruce Lee

Posted by Radio Gaza FM 100.9 on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Most 5-year-olds are practicing their ABC's and counting skills. This 5-year-old is working on memorizing and perfecting Bruce Lee's nunchaku skills.

I just can't stop watching this amazing video. He is so in sync with Bruce Lee's moves it's almost like watching a mini version of the movie. Here is the scene of the moive at a closer look so you can compare them side my side.

The scene is from the 1978 movie "Game of Death", far before this kiddo was even a thought in his mom's mind. The scene was specially choreographed by experts and is a piece of cake for this 5-year-old.

This kid is a huge Bruce Lee fan from Japan, as stated by his mother in the caption of the video. His name is Ryuji Imai and he even has a Facebook Page. You can check out all his awesome moves.