The eating season is upon us! Eat away my friends! But boost your metabolism first and help keep unwanted pounds to a minimum.

We all know what the holidays does to us. Eating and eating we are all bound to gain a few. Well how about boosting you metabolism to help with the unwanted winter weight! Here are 5 quick and easy ways to boost it and get that blood pumping!

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1. Drink 2 glasses of water before every meal. Not only does the H2O help get you full, it helps cleanse your body and boost metabolism.

2. Eat fresh and raw veggies. This will help keep your calories low and your mineral count high, but it will also get that metabolism going!

3. You heard of Beyoncé's magical cleanse diet? Well now you can be slim like the bootylicious queen with more cinnamon! Incorporate this into your diet for more metabolism boosting power!

4.Obviously don't over eat, this alone is the number one cause of gaining the extra pounds.

5. Exercise and don't stress! I know it's hard to do but to get through that busy schedule why not take a walk to distress? It's as easy as that!