There is nothing better about my job than to help waste your work day with fun stuff! I love surfing the net finding incredibly useless things, some is so ridiculous it's unbelievable! But these are all real websites! So until that whistle blows at quitting time, check these out...


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    The Procatinator

    Miley Cyrus would LOVE this website! Sure the internet is full of cats, but this just dazzles it up with more useless cats! You have to see it to believe it! Check out The Procatinator!

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    Astronaut Squirrel

    This is exactly what the title astronaut squirrel you control. All he does is shoot mid air when you click the mouse. Yeah....go check out Astronaut Squirrel!

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    Have some time to waste and you're a patient person? This is almost like waiting for a work file to upload that literally takes all day. In the end the patience pays off and it's pretty funny. Check it out if you have Patience!

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    The Drama Button

    Who doesn't have unnecessary drama in their life? Well now when you need that dramatic sounder...DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN! It's at your fingertips! Have a Drama Filled day and check out The Drama Button!

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    Llama Font

    And incase you ever need to waste more time and write an office memo, don't forget to use Llama font! Not to be confused with lunch time when Alpacka lunch! *rim shot*...Seriously go write to the one you love in Llama Font!

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