El Paso has had some shining moments in the news, and so big that it's made National News several times. Here are 5 times El Paso made National News.

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    Mini Gymnast on Ellen

    Recently El Paso made news on the Ellen DeGeneres show. This isn't the first time El Paso has been on Ellen but since it's so fresh in the headlines we will start off with this awesome story.

    This mini gymnast from El Paso showed off her skills to Ellen and even got a huge supply of Hershey hugs from the talk show hosts. We love this story because Emma is just so adorable. Way to go Emma!

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    Anderson Cooper - "Stay Classy El Paso"

    It's all KDBC and KVIA's fault! It's kind of a funny story but not really when you think of the dangers that could have been. Seems that KDBC and KVIA, local news stations here in El Paso decided to drag race their news vans. Anderson Cooper got a hold of the story and mentioned that Ron Burgundy was not a driver, proceeded by "Stay classy El Paso..." Clever line from the news man.

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    Pope Francis Visits the Borderland

    This past February the Borderland was lucky enough to have a once in a lifetime visit from Pope Francis. The whole city stopped and watched the Pope all day make his way through and around our sister city. Juarez was a huge spectacle for the entire nation as it was his last stop in Mexico and one of the most dangerous places for a Pope, or anyone to visit. The trip went smoothly and millions watched from in and around El Paso.

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    Mitchell Marcus on Ellen

    Ellen loves El Paso, or maybe El Paso puts out some awesome feel good stories. One of those stories being the basketball story of Mitchell Marcus and Jonathan Montanez. A rival basketball game between Franklin High School and Coronado High School took place and Mitchell, the team manager, had never got to play in a game up until that moment. Jonathan Montanez from the opposing team decided with 2 minutes left in the game to pass the ball to Mitchell who was put in the game. Mitchell took the opportunity and made a basket. It was a glorious moment!

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    2006 El Paso Storms

    This may not have been a shining moment for El Paso but it was all over national news as El Pasoans struggled to pick up the pieces after a flood. The 2006 storms had an estimated 15 inches fall, when that is usually the rainfall for a whole year in El Paso. Over 300 homes were destroyed and the floods caused an estimated $100 million in damages.