Onions are usually the MUST have in any yummy meal.  But what you might not know is that it actually has some great benefits for your health.


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Just cut an onion in half and hold it on the burn until you feel the pain go away.  The actual juices act like an immediate pain reliever, and the onion's natural antiseptic properties can stop scarring and trim the prospect of infection.


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Implementing raw onion to a bug bite should aid in drawing out the poison and cut down in pain and swelling.


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Put an onion core in the ear canal overnight, and it'll soften the wax buildup and reduce pain.


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HOT SENSATION?  Put an onion slice in your socks as you sleep.  Sounds kooky, but old tales have said its been said to help beat the fever.


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Onions are known to absorb bacteria, cut some onions and leave around the case, will help in keeping out the flu and other pesky virus-borne BUGS from making way around the household!