You know that food can spoil, but so can your lotion. And your bleach. And a bunch of other things around your house that you never knew could expire.

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    Chances are, you'll use your lotion way before it expires, but sometimes you get lotion in a perfume gift pack that you might not use as quickly. Problem is, time will alter the way it moisturizes and smells, so don't save it for a special occasion, use that lotion before it goes bad.

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez
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    Bleach, and other disinfectants, become less useful after about 3 months, so unless you're planning on using that vat of bleach you bought at Sam's, buy smaller containers more often.

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez
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    With the kind of brutal sun we get in El Paso during the spring and summer, sunscreen is a must. But if you bought your trusty bottle of SPF 50 more than 3 years ago, it's time to toss it.

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez
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    Sit down and brace yourself. Liquor doesn't last forever. I know, I know, you've had a bottle that you bought back in college and it's still perfectly good. Especially when you mix it with other stuff and can't taste it anymore. Throw it out. The alcohol begins to evaporate and you'll notice a taste difference. Get a smaller bottle next time and enjoy it while it's at its peak.

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez
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    Smoke Detector

    Even if you've changed the batteries once a year like you're supposed to, your smoke detector is only designed to last about 10 years. I can honestly say my smoke detector was in my house when I bought it 17 years ago, so I'm going to get a new one. Better safe than sorry!

    courtesy: Patricia Martinez