All this rain has shown me that I'm totally not ready for all this rain, so I've decided to do something about it.

According to Krystal Klei at ABC-7, the rains are supposed to taper off starting Friday, but I've decided to get a kit together for my car to make sure the next time this kind of thing happens - and it seems to happen a lot, doesn't it EPWU - I'll be ready!

1.  A working umbrella - I stopped by the store for PopTarts and water, opened my umbrella, and looked like a cartoon character when it flipped up the wrong way!

2.  A package of cloth diapers - No, I don't plan on using them on my granddaughters!  Cloth diapers are really absorbent, so when your Dooney gets wet and you need to dry it, just grab one and you're good to go!

3.  A pair of cheap sunglasses - These aren't to protect your eyes, they're to protect your image.  There is nothing worse than hair that's been rained on.  A cheap pair of huge sunglasses like the ones the Kardashians wear - but from the Dollar store - pushed back on your head will your hide rain-wrecked 'do.

4.  A pair of Crocs - Yes, they are the ugliest things on the planet, but who wants to step into a puddle of water and destroy your Payless BOGO's?

5.  A box of PopTarts - You'll need these after you've driven into a huge pond of water on Piedras and I-10 and you're waiting to be rescued by a handsome firefighter!  You eat one package, and give the guys the other two in the box.  They need to keep up their energy!

Of course, this list will have to change once Snowmageddon 2013 hits in a couple of months!