Since New Year's celebrations are not far, I thought I would find some yummy and different recipes that call for the festive drink! Some good ole champagne!

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    Dark Orange Champagne

    This has a spin on the ever so popular and lovable mimosa! This is sure to tingle your pallette!


    2 1/4 cups freshly squeezed or frozen blood-orange juice

    1 1/2 liters ofchilled champagne

    - Pour 3 tablespoons juice in each champagne flute. Fill flutes with champagne, and serve.So good!

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    Grapefruit Sparkler

    Love the amazing flavor of grapefruit? you will gobble this up, it's so refreshing!


    1 cup sugar

    6 cups chilled ruby-red grapefruit juice

    1/3 cup Campari

    2 cups champagne or sparkling wine

    8 whole star anise

    - In a small pan add 1 cup water with the sugar and star anise and boil until sugar has dissolved. Remove pan and let cool. In a large pitcher, combine grapefruit juice, Campari, and chilled syrup. Divide among eight glasses; top with Champagne.

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    Apricot Delight

    These fruity drinks are sure to dazzle your guests!

    1 tablespoon vodka

    1/4 cup apricot nectar

    1/2 cup sparkling wine

    - Pour the vodka and nectar into a champagne glass and top with the sparkling wine.

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    Ditry Champagne

    This puts a twist on the sometimes boring old fashion champagne!

    1 cube sugar

    Sparkling wine

    Lemon twist, for garnish

    - Put sugar cube in a Champagne glass. Lightly sprinkle the sugar cube with lemon twist and pour in enough sparkling wine to fill the glass. Garnish with a lemon twist before serving.

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    Sorbet Sinful Fizzy Drop

    This is my favorite! My mouth is watering thinking about it!

    Assorted sorbets you can use...lemon, coconut, peach strawberry.

    Chilled Champagne or sparkling win

    - Place 6 martini or wine glasses in freezer until chilled! Fill chilled glasses with 5 or 6 mini-scoops of assorted sorbets, then top each with champagne! Yum!