El Paso is a hard-working city, with much of the population working second jobs to pay the bills. We combined lists of best gigs for second jobs by Bankrate.com and MSN careers to find the best places to work a second job right here in El Paso.

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    Medical Transcriber

    The Bankrate list names a job as a medical transcriber as one of the top second careers. Here in El Paso, there's a bunch of places you could snag this job, including at the University Medical Center of El Paso (which is currently hiring a medical transcriber) and Sierra Providence Health Network. Medical transcribers turn audio recordings created by doctors and health care workers into written reports.

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    MSN ranks bartending high on its list of second jobs to pay the bills, with the hours allowing workers to keep their full-time gig going during the day. There's certainly no shortage of places to get your drink on in El Paso and you can check out a bunch of local bartending jobs on the local Craigslist food/beverage/hospitality page.

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    Child Care

    Babysitting isn't just for high schoolers anymore, with many adults picking up child care jobs in the evenings and weekends while they support their full-time careers. Child care positions are great for mothers, as many families will let you bring your own children along. You can check out all the families looking for child care on the child care page of El Paso's Craigslist.

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    Customer Service

    Customer service jobs are great as a second job because the hours are often flexible, with many falling in the evenings and on weekends. Bankrate.com listed customer service positions as its fifth out of seven top second jobs. You can find TONS of customer service positions that are available RIGHT now here.

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    Beauty Technician

    Beauty technicians can work with anything from nails to laser hair removal to skin care. Some positions require you to be licensed, but a lot provide on-the-job training while paying you! You can check out all the beauty technician positions currently available in El Paso on Craigslist's Salon/Spa/Fitness Jobs page.