Many of us are still outraged over the Casey Anthony verdict and its only going to ramp up after her release Sunday. No one knows this better than Casey Anthony - the 43 year-old Philadelphia man who happens to share her name. The male Anthony tells Philly's NBC affiliate that he's been bombarded with threatening emails and phone calls since female Anthony’s acquittal.

According to the male Casey, strangers have flooded his Facebook page, many posting furious messages on his wall. Quote, "They were making comments about the verdict, who am I to take a child's life?" And, because male Casey hadn't set his Facebook page to private and had his phone number on there, his phone blew up with furious calls and messages too.

Here’s the Philadelphia NBC report:

DO YOU SHARE THE SAME NAME WITH A PERSON OF NOTORIETY OR CELEBRITY? How often do you get looks of disbelief when you give someone your name? Has having the same name as a celeb ever worked in your favor?