Bad day at work? Maybe the boss is really coming down hard on you. Maybe it's because he secretly hates you! Here are some quick observations to find out if he/she does or not!

1.  Not cleaning the office before you go in for a meeting is looked at as a sign of disrespect or that they don't plan or want you staying in their presence long. Meaning get in and out and I will make you uncomfortable.

2.  Body language is a huge give away and if they can't even bear looking at you or facing you during conversation, it's a sure sign they are snubbing you and don't want nothing to do with you.

3.  They talk in front of you. Again, body language. When people see you as an equal human being, they will talk side by side and not degrade you like a 5th grader getting scolded.

4.  They only email youA boss that makes effort for eye to eye convo is a sign they like you. Always get an email, they don't want to give you the time of day.

So, does your boss like you?