Who knew Nicki Minaj could have such an effect over a boy so young?

An adorable three-year-old boy is sitting on his bed, breaking down into tears, but not because he has a bloody nose, as he eloquently puts in between sobs, but because he can't sing a Nicki Minaj song! "Why can't you sing Nicki Minaj?" asks the woman behind the camera after handing him a bunch of tissues. "Because I can't!" She then asks if it's because of the "bad words," to which the youngster replies, "I don't want the bad word version! I can sing the other Nicki Minaj, but my mommy said no!"

"Do you wanna sing me a litte Nicki Minaj? Will that make you feel better?" asks the woman. The boy nods, as his tears start to clear up, but then changes his tune. "But no... I wanna go to grandma's house and I'm gonna sing Nicki Minaj."

So. Cute.