Last month, the city was surprised to hear the news that Cappetto's, a 50 year old El Paso restaurant, was closing it's doors for good.

Tax troubles seem to be the reason Edward Davis closed his family's restaurant.  It left a lot of people without jobs, and a lot of customers with worthless Cappetto's gift cards.

But yesterday, three Italian restaurants announced that they will honor Cappetto's gift cards in their establishments.


Michael John, co-owner of Dominic's Italian Restaurant said he decided to honor the Cappetto's gift cards because he decided something needed to be done.  He said one of his first jobs was as a busboy at Cappetto's.  John also said that his heart just dropped when he heard that another long time El Paso restaurant, Jaxons, closed.

He said quote, "just like any local restaurant it could happen to any of us at any time."

John has teamed up with the owners of Sorrento's and Como's Italian Restaurants, to help out, they say, the community and the Davis family, by honoring Cappetto's gift cards.

If you have a Cappetto's gift card, Dominic's, Sorrento's, and Como's will honor them at a flat rate of $20.  If you have a gift card with a large amount on it, those will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Dominic's, Sorrento's, and Como's, will accept the Cappetto's cards for the next three to four months, but alcohol and tips cannot be put on the cards.

The gift cards will not be accepted on holidays or for special events, and only one card can be used per visit.  Finally the cards cannot be used for take out.

John told ABC-7 in a statement that Edward Davis, owner of Cappetto's, will honor any unused gift cards when he reopens the restaurant.  ABC-7 tried to contact the Davis family regarding a potential reopen of Cappetto's, but didn't hear back from them.