It's closing time for three longtime El Paso barsbecause of their affiliation with the Barrio Azteca gang. The Golden Nugget Bar at 5711 Trowbridge, the Doll House Bar at 5715 Trowbridge, and the George Washington Lounge at 3900 Montana, are now permanently closed.

The bars had been investigated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for recurring criminal activity, including drug sales, deliveries and possession by employees, and prostitution. They were closed down temporarily last August until a court date could be set on charges against them. They reopened the following month with the stipulation that they follow certain court-ordered conditions.

The TABC continued to monitor the bars, but found that they were still engaging in criminal activity, and because they violated the court ordered agreement, the three bars were forced to close their doors.

The owners of the bars will have to wait a year before they can reapply for a liquor license.