A controversial 22-story tower on the city’s westside has been given the greenlight by El Paso City Council. The unanimous vote from Council cleared the way for the $100 million project that includes retail space, 219 hotel rooms, 228 apartments and a 715-car parking garage.

The building will be located at 201 Shadow Mountain Drive, near the 11-story Coronado Tower office building on Mesa. Some residents in the area say the new project will increase traffic in the already busy area, and the tower itself will block the view of the mountains. One man who spoke against the tower said his wife is an emergency room nurse and the added traffic could mean ‘a lot of lives lost’ because of the added traffic and travel time the tower will cause.

The Meyers Group, a Florida development company which is also working on plans to renovate the 100-year-old Camino Real Hotel, is the group behind the project.