The Ravens won The Big Game, but which advertiser won the battle for your heart and mind? I really liked Anheuser-Busch's Clydesdale ad. I mean, come on, a man reuniting with the horse he raised from birth? I’m not made of stone, people!

And the Oreos ad where people brawled in a library while whispering the whole time was quite humorous. I also dug Tide's commercial about a 49ers fan that gets a stain on his jersey that looks like Joe Montana but gets washed away by his Raven-loving wife. That was a funny surprise ending.

Taco Bell's commercial with the old people breaking out of a nursing home, partying all night, and acting like young people was also cool, but setting it to the Spanish version of "We are Young" was distracting and didn’t work for me.

One of the ads that got everyone talking but totally ooged me out was the GoDaddy commercial featuring Bar Refaeli making out with the pink-faced nerdy guy. Frankly, I could have done without the kissing sounds. But love it or hate it, we all remember it, so in that respect it was a win for GoDaddy.

Conversely, I can't believe E*TRADE trotted out their talking baby again or that Wonderful Pistachios went with a “Gangnam Style" parody. IMHO, the shelf life for both the baby and Gangnam parodies has expired. All in all, I thought the power outage and the almost-comeback by the 49ers were more interesting than the commercials this year.

How 'bout you? Which one did you like?