The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics was, let's just say interesting and very British! Did you watch? If not here is a little recap!

Director Danny Boyle didn't disappoint in the creativity area during last nights 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. In fact, it was full of creativity and at sometimes just plain out strange!

It all began in a grassland setting to portray the beginning of times with excerpts from Shakespeare and mythical qualities. Almost a Hunger games feel, as the 10,000 volunteer performers graced the scenery with farming outfits and stacks of hay. As it progressed and a tribute was paid to the fallen soldiers of World War I, it turned into a industrial revolution as smoke stacks arose from the ground in an amazing theatrical spectacle!

Underneath all the action, the floor was a huge map of London including the east-end where the ceremonies actually took place. When the smoke stacks disappeared the Olympic rings where left suspended in the air with sparks and fire raining from them.

After all this it got really weird, with one of the most memorable royal entrances as The Queen was a bond girl and jumped alongside 007 from a helicopter...probably my favorite part! You had to see her in her pink dress and hat plummeting to the earth.

The it got even weirder! If that is even imaginable, as JK Rowling made a rare appearance and children in beds dreaming were haunted by dark creatures. And to the rescue? None other than Mary Poppins! (told you it got weirder). And of course, a Mary Poppins appearance isn't complete without Mr.Bean putting on a funny skit.

From there it just spiraled down into dance performances by the 10,000 performers and a dance love interest between two young hipsters portraying the digital era. Lights, neon clothing, rain, Bohemian Rhapsody, Waynes World clips and even a Mini Cooper all graced the stage until David Beckham, (yes please!) motor-boated in the Olympic torch. I gotta say, all that for Beckham was worth it! Of course after the torch was lit, all the Olympians proceeded in during the Olympic parade, with on exception, Michael Phelps didn't want to join in because he was "focusing on his game".

What a crazy, interesting show it was! If you caught it, what was your favorite part?