12 Weirdest Things You Can Buy on Amazon, pretty self explanatory. You won't believe these things exist.

How about some soap? Doesn't sound all that bad, right? Well when you find out that the soap is shaped like someones fecal matter, now that's a different story. According to the reviews, it's a great soap. It is even said to smell great, ironically.

On the go and wish you had a underpants dispenser? I mean who even knew this existed? I guess in some emergency situations it can be God sent but otherwise I think this is the perfect gag gift for someone getting over the hill.

How about you buy some Uranium? Yes...Uranium. Straight off the periodic table, you can buy the rock for looks or for science experiments. I actually would dig this gag gift and so will any science nerd.

The list goes on from a Marilyn Monroe dog costume to Unicorn meat with "Magic in every bite". There are some pretty weird things we are buying and it's pretty entertaining.

Credit: TopTrending via YouTube