Here's the complete second day of Mike and Tricia's 12 Days of KISSmas!

OOPS! Time is up on Amnesty Day! Good luck!

Memorize it, write it down, or record it now because this will only be up for one hour!

Mike and Tricia's 12 Days of KISSmas is an annual contest held only on-air. Listen to their show each morning until December 20th. Then, starting with caller 93, you'll need to repeat back each of the 12 days EXACTLY as they were said on air. We'll continue to take calls until someone gets all the days right. The first person to say all the days correctly wins all the prizes in the contest!

Each morning, the phrase is read around 6:40, 7:20, and 8:20. Not near a radio? Listen online or on your mobile phone by visiting our Listen Live link. Good luck!