Lillyanna Martinez isn't your normal 10-year-old. She recently celebrated her tenth birthday -- but instead of keeping the presents, she donated them to homeless kids in Las Cruces.

Lillyanna was listening to the radio and heard a story about a boy who raised backpacks for the kids in his community and she thought "I want to do something like that." And she did just that.

She celebrated her 10th birthday at the end of November and decided to donate all of her gifts to less fortunate kids. She got over 40 toys, hats, scarves, jackets and pajamas. She then took all the gifts to Jardin De Los Ninos in Las Cruces and gave them all away. Just like that, she distributed them to all the homeless and near homeless children at the shelter. We commend her actions and say kudos, Lillyanna!

UPDATE: Lillyana has made quite the impact on everyone, it seems. Yesterday she was a guest on the radio show she was listening to and got the idea from to give back AND Jason Aldean himself recorded a message for her, and he's sending her an autographed guitar and VIP tickets to ANY concert of his that she wants to go to. Such awesome news and very much deserved!