What does it mean to be a man? One woman is taking on the this idea by creating a list of twenty traits that characterize the modern men.

I hear my guy friends always picking on each other about not being manly and end up arguing about whose muscles are bigger. Thank god for Elite Daily's Rebecca Strong for attempting to define masculinity without bringing in the muscles.

Before you get upset, take the time to read them. I'm not saying these are cemented traits to define a man, I think these are just traits I wouldn't mind seeing in more men. Here are a few of my favorites modern man traits.


  • 1

    Real Men Think About Their Mothers

    Calling someone a "Momma's Boy" used to be considered an insult but now we see it as a good thing. They say you can tell how caring a man is by analyzing his relationship with his mother. They way he treats her is how he is going to treat you. I've dated plenty of momma's boys and they were really sweet but also cheating jerks. Either way, it is a plus when a man is sweet to his mother.

  • 2

    Real Men Don't Diet

    Anyone obsessively counting calories is annoying but it's rare when you see a man do it. I've talked to Mando about dieting tricks and his advice matches up with the author of this original article. Most men will end up eating healthier than going on some insane diet. I just prefer the men who aren't afraid to eat cake.

  • 3

    Real Men Can Fix Their Own Mistakes

    Have you ever found yourself in an fight that has no point? It usually involves someone trying to prove they are right, even when they know they are completely wrong. Usually men find it hard to admit fault when it comes to directions, arguments or what superhero would win a fight. Everyone can benefit from a mistake when blame is taken by the proper person.

  • 4

    Real Men Don't Take Selfies

    Buzz is usually fighting with Fernie about taking too many selfies. I am a little on the fence with this one because when a guy takes way more selfies than I do, I feel he is asking for attention but he should have the right to show off if he wants. According to Strong, she thinks guys who want to take selfies should stick to the phone app Snapchat. I think selfie guys should stick to sexting.

  • 5

    Real Men Have Goals

    It's cool that you're are determine to shotgun a beer without gagging but you would probably get laid more if had an actual goal. A everyone should have a goal that they strive to accomplish in life. Even if you don't know what your main goal is, at least have little ones like getting that promotion or a better job. If your goal is to finish a 72 oz. steak instead of getting your dream job, then we are going to have a problem here.

  • 6

    Real Men Are a Balance of Lover and Fighter

    The expression "I'm a lover, not a fighter" used to be thought of as a way for guys to say they are scared to fight but in a romantic way. I know many girls who thought a guy who said this was pretty sweet but would end up friend-zoning them. It is super attractive to have a guy willing to take on someone then turn around and take you down to Poundtown. Once you find that balance, you have found paradise.

  • 7

    Real Men Don't Need To Make Fun Of Other Guys

    Guys picking on each other is usually all fun and games until some yells, "Come at me Bro." Men don't need to make fun of guys to boost their self confidence. The can make fun of themselves without targeting anyone else.

  • 8

    Real Men Don't Take Themselves Seriously

    In relating to being able to make fun of themselves, guys don't take themselves so seriously, like being able to take part in ridiculously things for a good cause such as, No Shave November or the new instagram craze involving socks.

  • 9

    Real Men Take Time To Put Themselves Together

    Everyone likes to be a little lazy now and then but showers are a necessity. Take some time to look good and it will pay off. You don't have to spend hours to get ready like us women but if you take the time to get fancy or at least smell good, we will take care of getting you out of those nice clothes later.

  • 10

    If They Don't Last Long During Sex They Don't Apologize, They Make Sure Your Pleasured

    One of the problems many girls have experienced or will at least once in their sex lives, is having a guy finish before you even start. Now when this happens guys, don't roll over and fall asleep or demand a sandwich, get back to work. A real men isn't satisfied till their partner is satisfied.