Ladies, stop me when I'm lying. Something happens to you when you become a mom, right?  It's a change that starts gradually so you don't notice it right away, but then -- Bam! -- it creeps up on you. Here are 10 signs you know you're a mother written by mothers:

  • You suddenly love driving a mini van.
  • You hear a kid having a meltdown in a grocery store and the first thought that comes to mind is, "Yes! It's not mine!"
  • You walk out of the house and realize there is some form of kid goo on your blouse, but instead of going back in to change, you scrape it off with your fingernail and continue with your day.
  • You are more likely to find cheese sticks, diapers and yogurt in your purse rather than a mirror.
  • You clench just before you sneeze so you don't pee.
  • You eat a rogue cheerio off the floor and never think twice about it.
  • You have extra underwear and emergency fruit snacks stashed in your car and purse at all times.
  • Going grocery shopping alone is considered "me" time.
  • You know 1 million things that can be cleaned with a baby wipe.
  • The last thing you do on vacation is relax

Just Asking: The article’s author wrote that she realized she was a mother when she was in the grocery store roaming the bread isle and squealed with delight when she spotted Goldfish Sandwich Bread. She was psyched because she just KNEW her kids would love bread shaped like a giant Goldfish cracker. What was your ‘motherhood moment’? When did you realize you had become a ‘mom’!