You’re afraid of what?

Some of us will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one, while us single folks will mill around either ignoring it or sitting in front of the tube eating ice cream out of the carton.

While not having a Valentine is not actually life threatening, there are some poor saps that just might not make it, especially if you suffer from the following phobias…

  • A heart-shaped box of chocolates, that sweet Valentine's Day staple, would be more horrifying than romantic to those with xocolatophobia, the fear of chocolate.
  • Anyone who has ever been the victim of a particularly bad kisser can understand philematophobia, or the fear of kissing.
  • You don’t send me flowers…Among those with anthrophobia, or the fear of flowers, a single red rose brings about feelings of anxiety, even if it's been de-thorned.
  • People with haphephobia or aphenphosmphobia must get pretty lonely, as their phobias cause them to avoid letting anyone touch their skin.
  • People who have anuptaphobia, fear staying single, or marrying the wrong person in life. Geez, what a predicament!
  • Headaches caused by overwhelming strong, chemical scents and burns from hot wax may explain why some suffer from keriophobia, the fear of candles.
  • Then there’s the other folks who suffer from Gamophobia, the fear of marriage.
  • Some of these folks may never have children because they are Erotophobic, the fear of physical love
  • And to round off our list of Valentine’s Day related phobias…If you suffer from Gynophobia you fear women and if you fear men then you are Andrphobic.

These are serious phobias that people suffer, so while we keep that in mind – don’t feel too bad if you don’t have a Valentine this year…it could be worse!