President Obama and Congress could not come to an agreement on a funding bill so as of midnight last night there is government shutdown.  


  1. National Parks – no one is allowed in and entrances will be locked.
  2. Tax Returns – Expect a delay especially if you filed thru the mail.
  3. Tax Audits – Rest your fears, no audits will be conducted at this time.
  4. WIC Programs – No money available to pay administrative costs of the service.  
  5. E-Verify – The government system that allows companies to check the legal work status of an employee will also be down.
  6. Health – The National Institutes for Health will not accept any new patients or allow any clinical testing.
  7. Gun Permits – No new gun permits will be processed.
  8. Military Pay – Checks will be delayed for active-duty service members if the shutdown lasts longer than a week.
  9. Passports – Not available
  10. Work Safety – Health inspectors and federal occupational safety will not conduct workplace inspections only in cases of imminent danger.  

What is not affected?

  • Mail
  • Air Travel
  • Social Security
  • Prisons
  • Homeland Security
  • President’s Salary
  • VA Mortgages
  • Congressional Salary
  • Food Stamps
  • Food Inspection

Let’s hope they figure it out soon so folks can get back to work!