Movies are the best, they take you away from everyday shenanigans. But once in awhile you can actually use a quote from a movie and you look like the humor hero!


  • 1

    Dumb and Dumber

    "Our pets heads are falling off!"

    Dumb and Dumber is a classic and everyone is stoked about part two coming out with original Lloyd and Harry. I'm sure we will see some of these golden moments in the sequel!

  • 2

    Night At The Roxbury


    "And who do you think that guy was? Emilio Estevez...and I was like Emiliooooooooo!" My sisters boyfriends name is Emilio and you can imagine the fun I have with that! This movie is all sorts of awesomeness!

  • 3

    Tommy Boy

    "Fat guy in a little coat..."

    Chris Farley is one of the greats when it comes to comical genius! I love every one of his movies but this scene takes, or should I say eats the cake!

  • 4

    Napolen Dynamite

    I would love a round house kick to the face by someone wearing those awesome pants! Oh my goodness this movie is too much! Bow to your sensei!

  • 5


    "60% of the time it works...everytime"

    This movie made me glad to be a part of the media industry and made me want to be Will Ferrell's bff! I love his movies and with part 2 this is sure to be an epic event!

  • 6

    Old School

    "Turn around bright eyes..."

    I know it's another Will Ferrell movie but the focus on this clip is The Dan Band. I'd hire them any day!

  • 7


    "Center for ants!"

    This movie is loved by many...even the center for kids that can't read good. This scene is always a laugh out loud kind of scene!

  • 8

    Big Daddy


    It's so cool how Rob Schneider always has a role in his buddy Adam Sandler's movies! He makes the movie sometimes!

  • 9

    The Wedding Singer

    "Information I coulda used YESTERDAY!"

    This has got to be an all time favorite for many people. Adam Sandler hit a homerun with this instant classic that is ageless!

  • 10

    Taladega Nights

    "Dear baby Jesus..."

    This prayer scene was all ad libbed and just proves how much of a comical genius Will Ferrell is. Every one of his movies is hilarious.