I remember my younger days when I could eat two Big Macs without hesitation. Now at age 20, I wouldn't dare to do that. I would have to spend hours working out! Kids are so lucky they can usually eat what they want but parents should try to keep them away from these foods.

On KVIA.com, I came across this informative slide show of food most of us love. It's targeted towards foods bad for kids but I think these foods aren't very healthy for any age group. Here's the list!

1. Chicken Nuggets

Made out of chicken lips, these tasty little mysterious golden gifts are a guilty pleasure for me.

2. Sugary Cereal

Feeding your kids crazy amounts of sugar is just asking for trouble.

3. Hot Dogs

Another mystery food my mother always told was made out of chicken lips and butt.

4. Lunch Meats

Empty calories is all that is in these meats. Bologna is my enemy!

5. Juice/Flavored Drinks

These drinks maybe filled with vitamins but they are also filled with sugar.

6. French Fries

So delicious but so full of fat, sodium and calories!

7. Potato Chips

Just like fries, chips are dangerously delicious

8. Fruit Roll-Ups/Gummy Snacks

These snacks lie about the fruit. They are about 99% sugar, 1% fruit.

9. Donuts

This article advises parents to teach their kids that donuts are more of a dessert than breakfast item. Does this mean I can have ice cream instead?

10. Pizza

If pizza sauce can be considered a vegetable to some people, I think we should put fried oreos here instead.

I'm not a huge fan of junk food but I do like to sneak in a few of these foods when I'm craving them. There is nothing wrong about having an intimate moment with a chicken nugget. What foods do you think are missing from this list?