These inventions are so outrageous you won't believe them. Who even thinks of these things?!

The Japanese always seem to wow Americans when it comes to crazy trends and new inventions, but how many of us would stay in a capsule hotel? Talk about claustrophobic! What about for all you ladies out there, would you try the face slimmer? If you have seen the video already you know how ridiculous it looks, knock yourself out. And how does it even work?

Another one for ladies that is just hilarious is the vending machine dress. You have to see it for yourself and I don't believe it's a great disguise. It was meant to ward off men looking to harm a woman but I don't think a criminal would stop to put a buck in for a soda.

One invention that I thought was actually pretty cool was the butter spreader! No more hard butter! Speaking of food, would you pay $100 for one of their square watermelons? You really have to take a look at these bizarre inventions, they will blow your mind.