We all have our days, you know, when you miss the trash can with that candy wrapper and just leave it there. That is normal lazy, right? These inventions take it beyond lazy.

The first one is already outrageous, a motorized ice cream cone? Really? Are we becoming so lazy that we can't even eat food with by our own means of swirling the cone? This is a little much. But we digress, and it gets worse.

A coffee mug that swirls your coffee for you. Apparently this mug has batteries at the bottom and with one button push it swirls your coffee, or any drink that is in your mug I presume.

Or how about shoes that tie themselves? Why not just buy Velcro shoes and call it a day? I'm still laughing at the baby mop outfit. Of course I'm going to throw my baby down with some cleaning supplies on his outfit and let him clean while he crawls, what parent doesn't? We are crazy, America.